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  • $229.00

A truly exotic timepiece that will accentuate your flair for the dramatic!

Inside the 45mm, mirror polished, 316 low carbon stainless steel case beats the SeaGull 3600 handwinding movement.  This movement is a staple of mine due to the fact they're rock-solid on my timegrapher, and they're extremely durable. Maintenance is a relative breeze, and parts are readily available should the need for a repair arise.

Attached to the movement is the very rare and hard to find coffee brown SLC (an acronym nickname for a small, slow running Italian torpedo) dial.  The dial and hands have very good lume too!

Equal to the watch head is the genuinely handmade leather strap from an artisan in Thailand. Suede textured, this is an amazingly soft strap! Try as I might, my photos can't begin to capture the luxuriousness of this strap.

As mentioned, the timepgrapher performance of this movement is as great as you'll ever see in a timepiece costing in the thousands, let alone less than $300.

Verified pressure tested to 40 meters depth.  Swimming is no problem!

Just another can't miss, one-of-a-kind, custom creation from Primetiming.