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About us

Precision, quality, style, and affordability.  There was a time when you had to settle for two, or at the most three of these attributes.  With Primetiming, you get them ALL!


 Approximately eight years ago I embarked on a quest to satisfy the strong urge to collect watches.  I'd always had an affinity for all things mechanical, from automobiles, bicycles, and remote control cars.  Indeed, I was that kid who took things apart just to see how the motors worked.  Most of the time I was able to put them back together, but on other occasions I simply was left with a broken toy.  My screwdriver was my best friend.  LOL!

Not having an abundance of disposal funds meant that my watch collecting would be confined to those pieces that relatively reasonable in price - certainly $300.00 being my most upper limit.  However, I found at that price and less, quality control on a mechanical timepiece was a hit and miss affair.  At best, I was quite happy when I found a watch keeping time within several minutes per day.  Admittedly, style was my main concern.  Substance was very much on the secondary level.  Didn't matter too much how it ran as long as it looked good while making me late for my appointments. LOL!

Well, after awhile and several scores of watches in my collection, I just got fed up with the imprecision coming from the factories in China.  Panerai homages were my specialty and the main factory producing these apparently were working on the volume model - just pump out the product as fast as we can.  Obviously, quality control was a very minimal concern.  As long as the piece ran, it was shippable to an end consumer.  Regardless, they didn't manufacture the movement anyway.  They simply stuck it in their case with some hands acquired from a third party supplier.  And thus I had this idea that I could do better.  I could provide the end user with some SUBSTANCE to go along with that style.  Novel thought, eh?  Who knew?  And Primetiming was born.

Precisely regulated on my timegrapher. Personal pressure testing on my machine. Customized leather straps and stainless steel bracelets.  These are the hallmarks of all Primetiming pieces.  A person from me guarantees personal attention and quality assurance.  You just don't see this level of detail and personal committment these days.  Everyone's out to make a quick buck.

After many hundreds of pieces in circulation acquired from several companies in China, I decided I also wanted to commission something that I could put my own logo on. And now I'm proud to offering Atlantis and Modello, both in a couple of variants.  These level of fit and finish on these pieces rivals that of those costing several times more than the price I'm listing them for.  I change anyone to find better value in an individually handcrafted, limited production timepiece.  And I hope to be producing other styles in the near future. 

Feel free to check me out on my Facebook page at 'Primetiming'. I'm also found on eBay at 'Primetiming' and 'Primetiming2'.

Always remember: "Service Separates".  It's the backbone of my business venture.